hello and welcome. this is my owl city fan fiction blog. so basically what i'll be doing here is writing short stories for hoot owls and anyone else to enjoy. okay that's about it. bye.

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I’m doing an experiment please bare with me!!

I’m 15. :D

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1 year ago

Plant Life

( Hey so this is kinda vague and short but I wrote it for my writing class and turned out a bit like Plant Life. Hope everyone likes it

Save the birds it was quiet. They had waltzed in between the trees in a twirling swooping kind of way, and the sky was stained indigo broken by the stars. The sun had fallen down behind the golden green hills and it took the balmy air with it, leaving the wind dead and the atmosphere the texture if icicles but they sat in the after-dark breeze that had something strangely comforting about it and ran their fingers though the little green leaves that hung close to the ground. She picked her legs up and brought herself to walk towards the place where the trees gapped and peered out between them into the restless shaking ocean. And when the salty droplets stung her nose she fell back to her place with him under the mossy trees where the smell of dirt made her smile. Leaning together the whispered and laughed and stared up at the Christmas lights knotted in the treetops. And they were happy.

2 years ago


So this is very short but I hope if anyone reads it they like it


Adam paused in the doorway watching her from afar; She sat on the window seat looking out into the navy colored sky broken by the glinting stars that leaned down and kissed her face, her brown hair lay around her shoulders her big bouncy curls pressed flat on her neck, and her wide blue eyes staring sleepily outside. She didn’t see him, she remained in her opened eyed dream were she imagined they were sailing away together in and out of the rolling waves her body tucked into the corner of the seat and her head leaning cautiously on the windowpane. It was when she was like this that Adam adored to watch her, when she was unaware that he was, so that he didn’t have to feel like she wouldn’t like it. Her lips bent into a smile that her could see reflected in the glass. 

"Hi," she whispered turning her body towards him, her smile broadening. Adam brought his eyes back up to her’s covering his darkening cheeks with his hands. "I saw you in the window, but I couldn’t help watching you cute little smile when you saw me," she laughed. "You really think I’m that pretty?" she asked raising her eyebrows in question.

"I really know you’re that beautiful," Adam replied, he was stuck in between the doorway and her seat half of him too shy to step any further and half of him feeling the emptiness in between his arms. "I mean that," he added looking down at the carpet, he bit down on his tongue but for some reason he kept talking, "Annmarie you’re the most beautiful girl I have ever seen in my entire life." Then he panicked, trying to swallow those last words back down but just pinched his eyes shut instead. 

"And you know Adam," Annmarie said thoughtfully, inspecting the empty spaces between her fingers, "you are the most wonderful, handsome, perfectly incredible boy I have ever met. And I love you." Adam smiled moving his weight to the other foot, trying not to look Annmarie in the eyes because he thought if he did he might find she had been joking about everything she had said. "Will you come sit with me?" Adam’s stomach thrashed at her words, but his smile twitched and grew bigger as he walked towards her. She let him sit behind her so that he was holding her against his chest with his chin resting on her head. They sat in silence watching the sky, wrapped up together listening to each other’s breathing. Adam loved the feeling of his arms on her’s and her cheek against his shoulder there was something about her that made his heart run and melt all at the same time. He kissed her head leaving his lips there for a second and she giggled when she felt his heartbeat get faster.

"Sorry," he mumbled pulling his head away and leaning it where her’s had been earlier.

"It’s fine, I don’t mind." Adam was surprised at how calm she sounded about it and put his head back by here’s. She pulled him closer, and he smoothed out her curls until her eyelids fell and she was sleeping.

2 years ago

i wrote a little story

"Breanne," Adam pulled her long brown hair out of her face and tucked it behind her ear. Breanne’s chest rose up and down against her knees, she was curled up on the end of his couch smiling in her sleep. Adam knew she was beautiful, almost too beautiful for him to be around; Sometimes he couldn’t talk when she sat next to him and she would laugh. 

"Maybe I do love you Bre, maybe you love me too but I think it’s best if we don’t love each other." He said it under a whisper because he didn’t really want her to hear, just to know. They did this a lot, sitting together watching movies other grown-ups didn’t watch, pretending in their own heads what they would never say. Adam picked himself up careful not to let her fall, and walked to the kitchen writing a note and sticking it on the counter for her. 

The air-conditioning bit his arms as he moved along the glass doors of the frozen food aisle, he was out of ice-cream sandwiches and could never really live without them for more than a few days. 

"Oh sorry," Adam looked up to see a girl staring him right in the eyes. "Here I’ll get them." She bent down and handed him box after box until all five were stacked back in his arms. 

"Thanks," she straightened back up smoothing her pale blue dress over her torso, and stood with her arms at her sides. She reminded him a lot a Bre, her eyes were the color of the ocean someplace tropical, she had long brown hair pulled up on the back of her head, and lips the right shade of pink. 

"Oh, hi I’m Emma," she waved and turned her head down, the color bleeding into her cheeks. 


"Nice to meet you, you’re amazing you know," Emma smiled. 

"Thanks, you don’t seem so bad yourself," Adam bit his tongue and his his face behind the edges of his hair. 

"I mean you know I"m a fan, of Owl City, and you," He nodded.

"I’m glad someone thinks what I do is worth while."

"Believe me, so many people love you Adam. Here," she took the boxes out of his arms and put them back with the others.

"Wait, I need those," Adam begged longing for his ice-cream.

"Oh come on," Emma rolled her eyes and pulled his arm into hers.

"I used to come here when I was little," Emma whispered hugging close to Adam and pointing out the ferris wheel ahead of them. Adam looked down at their arms knotted together he thought about pulling his away but just let out a shaky laugh and watched her finger trace the tree-line. 

He helped her into the wire basket and sat opposite her watching her eyes change color as she smiled. They sat together in the cold air.

"So, Adam," she turned her ponytail in between her fingers.

"Sorry I don’t really talk, ummm here." Adam cleared his throat and took a deep breath, "let me sing you something."

"I’d like that," Emma closed her eyes turned her lips up, smiling while she sat across from him.

2 years ago
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